Quote of the day

“I don’t know what brings broken people together
maybe damage seeks out damage.”

Warsan Shire


How Not To Get A Job: Day VI

Watch college football all day, even though you don’t really care and your alma mater sucks this year. Wish you were still in London. Wrap yourself in a blanket because it’s already cold, and it’s only October. Start to feel like you’re going to fall asleep at 4:24 pm.

How Not To Get A Job: Day IV

Buy new sneakers for working out since you left your last pair in London, back in September. Make plans to start working out again so your brain will make an effort to release endorphins, something it is typically lacking in, severely. Decide to be positive after your angry post last night.


I have applied to so many different jobs in so many different cities, with different resumes and individual cover letters each time and LITERALLY NO ONE will even properly reject me, let alone give me an interview, or even a follow up email, and I am just beyond exhausted. 7 years of rejection is a lot, and it really begins to weigh you down and I am just so, so, so angry, frustrated, and tired.

How Not To Get A Job: Day II

Lie in bed after you’re awake because getting up doesn’t really matter. Write this post instead of searching for jobs because you know you’ll just get rejected again. Try to decide on lunch but you don’t have a car so you have to eat whatever is leftover in the house from dinner. Try to keep going.