Donald Trump’s new press secretary just held a press conference that was filled with lies, deceit, anger, rage, stupidity, and nonsense. He didn’t take any questions, and looked like he was brimming with hatred. Trump spent most of his speech at the CIA talking about himself and the size of his crowds yesterday at the Inauguration. That was truly a disaster of epic proportion. People should be afraid of this new administration, it’s already off to a terrible start. 



I wish all of you peace and hope as we navigate this time together as a nation, and a people.

Just Keep Watching

Watch the people Trump puts into power before and during his Presidency. Look at people like Pence and Bannon. Look at what we have done as a country. This many people should not live in fear that their rights will be taken away by the President. Greatest country in the world my ass.


I am honestly, so massively unhappy. I KNEW I wouldnโ€™t be able to find a job when I moved back to the States and I was right. I even used my brotherโ€™s address on my resume in the hopes that it might attract more people but nothing. I am so, so, so sad I am NEVER going to find a decent job. I am going to have two degrees from two of the top universities in the world, all of this education, and experience working other jobs, and I am never going to find a job where I am able to utilise any of the skills or knowledge Iโ€™ve accumulated over the years. I am trying every day to make something happen but I canโ€™t even get formally rejected from jobs and I am so fucking tired all the time. Eventually, unless things turn around, my depression is going to win and Iโ€™m just going to give up trying for anything better in life because whatโ€™s the point tbh.


I have applied to so many different jobs in so many different cities, with different resumes and individual cover letters each time and LITERALLY NO ONE will even properly reject me, let alone give me an interview, or even a follow up email, and I am just beyond exhausted. 7 years of rejection is a lot, and it really begins to weigh you down and I am just so, so, so angry, frustrated, and tired.