I’ve applied to soooooo many jobs the past couple weeks, I’m really hoping something good happens, finally, I need some good news quite desperately.



Well. I haven’t heard back about a third interview so that’s dead. On to the next.


I am honestly, so massively unhappy. I KNEW I wouldnโ€™t be able to find a job when I moved back to the States and I was right. I even used my brotherโ€™s address on my resume in the hopes that it might attract more people but nothing. I am so, so, so sad I am NEVER going to find a decent job. I am going to have two degrees from two of the top universities in the world, all of this education, and experience working other jobs, and I am never going to find a job where I am able to utilise any of the skills or knowledge Iโ€™ve accumulated over the years. I am trying every day to make something happen but I canโ€™t even get formally rejected from jobs and I am so fucking tired all the time. Eventually, unless things turn around, my depression is going to win and Iโ€™m just going to give up trying for anything better in life because whatโ€™s the point tbh.